A Wrap Up of 2021 Trends in Graphic Designing

A good thing about being a graphic designer is that you can play with colors, shapes and fonts as you like. However in order to be a successful graphic designer you ought to follow the trends. Speaking of trends, 2021 is at the edge of the end and we came over some difficult times together. But it allowed graphic designers to perform new experiments in designing and brainstorming for new ideas. This year, designers came up with new ideas which were out of the box, something new and attractive as well. Design is an art of transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. So without any further delays, we shall look over the 2021 trends in graphic designing.

Trend 1: Abstract psychedelia: Best in Graphic Designing

Psychedelia art is graphics or visual displays that portray the experience and hallucinations from taking a psychedelic drug known as LSD. However graphic designers around the world took these experiences as a form of art and created some psychedelic graphics. The concept and the message behind these graphics is normally showcasing a form of freedom & passion. Most of the time, this form of art is created by using bold, bright, intense colors & abstract elements. Abstract psychedelic graphics are complex yet simple to see. Therefore, in 2021 it started to become an emerging trends in field of graphic designing. 

Trend 2: Typography Chaos 

Just like chaos happened around the world, typography chaos is full of typography chaotic designs which are timeless, eye catchy and limitless design. Typography chaos is a combination of big and small text with bold colors that take your attention. A bright background further enhances the visual impact of the text. In this trend, there are no rules, no wrongs, no format, it’s all in your head. This trend in graphic designing was firstly followed by social media influencers in their posts. The business industry took notice of this trend as it was and became known as an attractive and bold trend. 

Trend 3: 3D Design 

We all are familiar with the 3D concept, right. This became a vibrant trend in the graphic designing field. 3D designs are usually bright, full of imagination with a message in it and lifelike designs. This type of design instantly became famous as it gave the eye catching look with lifelike objects. Basically 3D design gives a realistic and tangible feeling. The whole concept is dynamic in appearance.

 Logo graphic desiging

Trend 4: Inspired by Nature

Graphic designers around the globe have taken ideas from their surroundings. Natureful designs were very common in 2021 and loved by all. These types of designs were aesthetic looking with pastel or mild color tones. The nature design usually has elements from nature like leaves, trees, flowers, woods etc. The elements are mostly in earthy color tones to make it look more natureful. This beautiful trend inspired a lot of people and showcased the concept of minimalism, serenity, purity, and growth. To be honest, this trend is not going anytime soon from the field of graphic designing. 

Trend 5: Monochrome & Duo tone: The most trending Trend

Monochrome and duo tone design are still famous. We all know this type of design speaks for itself. Monochrome design creates a lot of impact on the audience and shows an authoritative nature. On the other hand, duo tone represents fun, passion, and eye-catching visuals. Moreover if you apply a grain filter in any of the two designs, the visuals become more attractive than before. 

Trend 6: Geometric Shapes

In graphic designing it is obvious that a graphic designer plays with various shapes. So how come geometric shapes are in trend? Shapes and space have been a part of any artistic process. Therefore, geometric shapes have always been in the talk of the show due it’s flawless design form. These shapes have always dominated graphic design as they stand out to the viewer, especially when paired with dark & bold colors. 

Trend 7: Cartoon Illustrations: The cutest Trend in Graphic Desiging

Have you ever wondered what connects your audience at a personal level? If not, then you should probably give some thoughts about it. Cartoon illustrations are the most effective way to strike your audience’s heart. They have proven to be a powerful tool for branding any business since these designs have received positive responses and have millions of creative ideas to create them. Moreover, another benefit of cartoon illustrations is that these types of design ease up the atmosphere and can connect with your brand instantly. We can’t point out any reason for this trend not to continue in 2022 because it was still in business. 

To Wrap Up

In the end, all we can say is we can’t wait for a new trend to come in the market. These trends of 2021 have dominated the graphic designing markets. The use of colors, aesthetic designs and playing with a variety of abstract shapes. Graphic design is a sweeping, creative field, and we’re excited to see what new trends emerge in the new year. 

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